Moonbird NFT

A collection of 8,888 Non Fungible Moonbirds (NFM) on BNB Chain.

Auction is done but you can still buy NFMs on Liquid Collectibles!

Moonbird NFT x Liquid Collectibles

Liquid Collectibles will host our INO (Initial NFT Offering) on March 3, 2021.

Sale information

The initial Moonbird NFT sale will be hosted on Liquid Collectibles through a Dutch auction. Auction will be held for NFMi token (Non Fungible Moonbird Index). The sale will last 72 hours or until all tokens sell out. Once the sale is complete, you’ll be able to redeem your NFMi tokens for an actual NFM at a rate of 100 NFMi = 1 NFM. NFMs will be revealed approximately 72 hours after the completion of the sale.

What is "Dutch Auction"?

Dutch Auctions are aimed at finding the true market value of a completely novel item. In this case the price is set to a higher value per NFT than expected and descends over time, with the eventual price being settled on once all tokens have been sold. Practically, this means participants individually decide at which point they’re happy with an NFT price and commit their funds. However, the auction continues until everyone is happy with the token price.
Strategic Tip: Collectors should carefully balance waiting for a better price and getting in before the collection sells out. It is the fear of missing out that prevents the price from falling too low.

NFM Roadmap


Our team has already scheduled several sessions with our partners, and we are working on more AMAs!


Stay tuned to our social media channels for multiple giveaways! We are giving away a lot!

INO & NFT reveal

We are doing our Initial NFT Offering on Liquid Collectibles! The collection will be revealed ~72 hours after the auction ends.

Yield Farming

Liquid Collectibles will spin up a farm where you can earn yield with your NFMi tokens!

Marketplace listings

NFMs will be listed on multiple marketplaces so everyone has a chance to become an owner even after INO.

DeFi 2.1 integration

We will look for ways to integrate NFMs with our upcoming SmartBird upgrade! 🙊